About Wholly

Jessica has over 15 years experience of working deeply with leadership and making change happen within international and Nordic organisations. She has extensive experience driving change and leading teams in top management positions within marketing, communication, sales and business development ( I.e L’Oréal, If Skadeförsäkring & Swedish Match).  Once a ”Supertalent” and ”Framtidens Kvinnliga Ledare”, she is now committed to helping others leading themselves, their teams and leading transformation. 
Jessicas passion is to live and inspire others to lead an holistic lifestyle and to lead holistically, meaning being authentic and nurture all aspects of us; mind, body and soul. Given her purpose and interest of holistic leadership she is now running her own company Wholly where she supports organisations in transformation processes, coaching leaders and giving inspiring lectures and workshops.
Jessica support individuals and organizations that wants to develop and make things happen. The old model of leadership is obsolete. In these times of deep change – every individual and every organization need to show leadership to truly excel. I work with an holistic approach to leadership based on modern neuroscience and positive psychology. 
With my business background as well as personal experience of personal development, self leadership and entrepreneurship I inspire and support others to better lead themselves, their teams and making change happen.