Insights, rituals and protocols to live better!

Many of us know how we should live to feel good. We know we need balance. We know we should eat well. We know we need to sleep enough. We know we need to exercise our mind, body and soul. Yet, many of us do not fill our lives and our everyday life with what we want and need. We postpone things. We say that the timing is not right. We do not feel strong enough right now. We just need to wait until this bulk of work is done…. or until that person has start doing that thing…. or after the holidays…. or when the vacations starts. Recognize yourself?

There is no better time than NOW to start whatever you want to achieve. We do not know what happens tomorrow. Now is the time to start. You can trick your mind to want to do it just by starting. You know that feeling after being to the gym? You didn’t want to go but you did, and afterwards you are so happy that you did. Thats just it. When following our needs and our wants even though they seem hard and take a lot of energi. We get endorphins and train ourselves to understand that we feel better of doing than not doing.

I am very inspired, right now, by Robin Sharma. He, like me, believe in an holistic approach to life and to feel better. This means we need to give our mind, body and soul what it needs everyday. We need to tend to ourselves and our own needs before we can give it to the rest of the world around us. That is why he talks about the 5am club. Go upp early in the morning before your family wakes up. Get your most important things done and tend to yourself. Start your day in the best possible way and rewire your brain so that you start everyday on top and in an positive way – then the rest of your day will stay positive as well.

The 5 am-club goes up at 5 am and then does the 20-20-20 routine. You do not have to go up at 5am if you don’t want to – go up at that time when you can be alone and do your things before anyone else interfere or disturb you.


  1. 20 minuters of ”MOVE”: run, work out, do yoga, go swimming, lift weights, dance, box – do whatever you like to do for physical activity and SWEAT. Do it fully concentrated for 20 minutes. This gives you a cocktail of endorphins and positive bodily effects. Your body and mind wakes up and you will definitely feel better after and more ready to start your day than ever.
  2. 2o minutes of ”THINK”: write a journal. Write about what is on your mind and what your are grateful of. Gratefulness is the antidote to average. Train your brain to think positively and see good in things. Do not write to-do-lists or things you need to do. With about your believes, your dreams, your skills, your loves, what your are proud of in yourself and others, things your have achieved. Choose to be happy vs discouraged. By writing and putting things down on paper we bring clarity into our lives. ”Clarity brings mastery!” Also write down your thoughts if you are feeling bad. By writing we get distance to how we feel and we get it out of our system. Feeling bad often relates to depressed feelings, things we never got out of our system or have not let go off.
  3. 20 minutes of ”LEARN”: ”As you know more you can do more”. Invest in yourself and stay curious! There is so much knowledge and information at our hands. Read a fact book or a biography, listen to a podcast, look at a webinar or attend a web course. Do something that teaches you something new. When we get new knowledge we broaden our framework and get inspired. Become a constant learner to become the person you were intended to be.

When I heard about the above it fascinated me. I believe in it. If you start your day well and fill yourself with the right energy – you will have a better day. It makes sense to me. I also love geting things done in the morning so that I do not have to spend the whole day thinking about it and trying to make time for it. So, I am going to try this myself! I have also convinced my husband to do it aswell. We decided to try this during our stay here i Kenya.

This week we have been getting up at 6 am, every morning, and we do this hour of 20/20/20 routine. We have now done this for 6 days already. And we love it! It is amazing how you kickstart your day and how much you actually can achieve in 20 minutes. It already feels addictive. When we, after that hour, wake up our kids and start the day we feel strong, revived and focused and most of all positive and loving. What better way to start a day.

Robin Sharma says to keep this routine for minimum 66 days ( the amount of time science says it takes to create an habit). We have now done 6 of 66. I will write more about my insights and feelings about this as I go along. But, why don’t you try it to?  Would love to hear your thought and feelings around this and share this experience with you.

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  1. Hello!!! Kikade äntligen in här. Henrik körde detta hela hösten och det gör ju underverk:-) Jag älskar mornar. Kraaaam!

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