Hello Kenya! Hello beach life! Hello contemplation!

Saturday night, early Sunday morning we arrived in Nairobi, took the inbound flight to Mombasa. Our children were heroes! What a demanding trip. But it didn’t stop there. Now, in the middle of the night we had a transport waiting for us and a two our trip to get to Malindi and the beach house we are renting. A VERY bumpy ride! A very claustrophobic ride since our luggage took up most of the seats and there were few functioning seat belts…. The Swede in me got very nervous and I forced myself to be awake and looking at the road and potential dangers the whole way. The rest of the family fell asleep. All went well. We had arrived. Didn’t see much of the house in the dark other than two lizards and a bat in the girls room!!! Perfect…. Do not freak out. It is Afrika. There are animals here. We fell asleep…

… and woke up to total bliss! The house we are renting is a dream! It is beach villa with its own private beach and garden, 8 bedrooms, terraces, outdoor showers, patio, two kitchens and 4 people in the staff ( a chef, a cleaner, a handyman and a nanny). I know! It is beyond luxury and we would never be able to afford it if it wasn’t´t off season. It is the rain period and very slow here. It means it is C 27-32 degrees during the days and it rains a short while every day. We don’t mind a little rain. We waited for rain for five months in Cape Town.

So why are we here? We wanted to end our African adventure with some downtime, family time and contemplation. We went to Cape Town to explore, learn, grow, research, work and get inspired. And we did! It was hectic yet absolutely fabulous. Then our trip to Zambia and Botswana for safaris, adventures and vacation. Now we are just gone be. Be together as a family and relax, contemplate and grow.

I strongly believe that we all need time for reflection and contemplation after intensive periods of performance / challenges / inspiration or work. Maslow saw this in his research when he studied happy and successfull people. What did they have in common? They all worked hard and they all delivered well, but they also let themselves have periods of rest and contemplation after those periods. What happens then is that we can dwell on and understand what we have been throw, grow and learn from them. If we do that and those learnings get manifested into us we bring them with us into the next chapter in our lives. We contemplate to learn, we learn to grow, by knowing more we can achieve more.

So it is a blessing, being able now to have five weeks of rest, love and contemplation. Five weeks! It is a long time on a sandy white beach. To actually achieve what I want during this time here I am set on introducing a few new daily routines, inspired by Robin Sharma, and use my time well. I want to achieve a few work related goals and personal goals. Those are defined and now I will work to make it so. Robin Sharma says: ”There is no such thing as superior talent, it is just a matter of discipline, believes and hard work”. Stay tuned to find out in my next blog post what my new daily routines are.


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